Chapter 63 Chance Encounter with Blood Rose Studio

At dusk, short auntie drives the horse carriage and transports the goods to Holy Mother Monastery. And Da Fei is draped in a cloth bag and mixed in among the carriage of vegetables.

The carriage stopped, and Da Fei hears the entrance guard Granny Rong’s somber voice: “Why are you so late?”

The reason why she is so late is to cover up for Da Fei’s Stealth. Or else, even if it is Grand Master Stealth, there is no way to be unseen in the public eyes. However, it cannot be too late as well, if it is too late, it will seem even more suspicious, more eye-catching and easier to be exposed.

The auntie says unhappily: “The ship delivering the vegetables was late.”

Granny Rong snorts coldly, and then uses the broom to do a routine cleaning of the dust on the carriage wheels and carriage base. Using the monastery’s words, it is to not let the mortally world’s filth enter the sacred monastery. In actual fact, it is an inspection.

Feeling that regular rhythmic knocking from the broom, Da Fei’s heart is at his throat. Success depends on this. If the first stage cannot be cleared, all the plan behind is useless.

Suddenly, Granny Rong’s eyelids raises, and sends out a hawk-like sharp stare! With a bang, the carriage shakes from the knocking of the broom!

——”What is this!!!” Granny Rong’s sharp shouting resounds!

In the pile of vegetables, Da Fei’s heart tightens.

“What’s there?” The auntie says unhappily.

Granny Rong says in exasperation: “Don’t think by hiding the bad potatoes within the good ones and I’ll not see it! Greedy female dwarf, you must have pocketed the food expenses!”

Short Auntie is very angry: “Nonsense! Where are the bad potatoes!”

Granny Rong digs off a few big potatoes and grabs a few small potatoes: “Aren’t these it? Don’t think just because the sky is turning dark, you can fudge your way through!”

Short Auntie quickly stands up on the carriage seat, with 1 hand on her waist and the other hand pointing at Granny Rong angrily: “Old hag, open your rat eyes wide and look clearly. These are small potatoes, and not bad potatoes! It is meant for stew!”

Granny Rong says angrily: “Small potatoes are bad potatoes! It is not even ripe yet!”

“Have you seen bad potatoes worth 6 copper coins every kilo?”

“Nonsense, let me see the bill! It is obviously you pocketing the food expense by using substandard goods to pass off as good ones!”

“You’re really overstepping, bill is not something you have the right to see!”

The quarreling of the two alarmed the nuns in the courtyard right away, and everyone quickly comes and mediates: “Forget it, delivering the vegetables are more important.”

Short Auntie says angrily: “I’m not going until this matter is cleared! How can you say I pocket the food expenses without any proof!”

Granny Rong is very angry: “Based on how you’re acting suspiciously, I can tell with an eye something is wrong with you today!”

Short Auntie kicks the carriage and says very angrily: “Nonsense! I’m suspicious just because you say I’m suspicious, why don’t you go and be a judge!”

Granny Rong says angrily: “What’re you shouting for, the more you shout the more guilty conscience you have!”

Everyone one after another says: “Okay, okay! Don’t argue anymore…”

“Just let it go! Hurry up and go in!”

Short Auntie makes a scene and cries loudly: “I cannot just let it go. I’m not going. She maligned me for pocketing the food expenses without any proof!”

Granny Rong says angrily: “What do you want?”


Granny Rong shrills angrily: “I’ve never apologized to anyone in my entire life!”


——”How disgraceful! Get back to all your positions!” A majestic voice can be heard from behind the entrance, seems like a bigwig has be alarmed.

Thus, Granny Rong turns her head and leaves with a cold snort, the short auntie wipes her tears and drives the carriage towards the backyard without saying anything, and everyone disperses.

Amidst the pile of vegetables, the Da Fei in cold sweat finally can heave a sigh of relief now. This very arduous first stage is finally cleared. Old hag versus auntie, this is a battle between aunties, a battle of words, and no place for men to interfere! Seems like Makarl appointing auntie here is really because he is very well-versed in the way of using people!

Details decide success or failure. The operation this time really set up too many things within such a small potato!

In front of a Holy Maiden-level strong people like Granny Rong, those with a guilty conscience really cannot escape her triangular eyes. The small potatoes can attract her attention at first, to have the effect of catching the small detail and letting the big one go. The 2nd step is to stir things up, and use the small potatoes as an opportunity to quarrel, to further distract Granny Rong’s attention. The 3rd step is to take advantage of the chaotic situation, and blow things up, attract everyone in the yard. At that time, all the bustle will not only make Da Fei harder to be discovered, and it can also use the crowd’s mediation as a step to get out of the situation. The 4th step, auntie being unreasonable and not wanting to go, is to delay for time, dragging until the sky turns dark! Only when the sky is dark already, Da Fei’s sneaking in and hiding can be carried out successfully, or else really being let through all the way is not that easy.

Therefore, the art of espionage is not like 007 where it is about seemingly inconspicuous but actually really eye-catching high tech items, and also not about seemingly normal but actually not normal blond handsome guys, but is actually about an originally inconspicuous potato, and an originally inconspicuous auntie.

When the carriage reaches the backyard, the sky is already dark. Amidst all the silhouettes, auntie’s stocky body becomes Da Fei’s best cover. Da Fei uses his Grand Master Stealth and dives into the big warehouse he planned in advance.

Second stage, successfully cleared! The miscellaneous warehouse is the location with the most lax management in the entire monastery. There is rarely patrol team with grannies inspecting, and the place with the highest chance of hiding someone.

Now is to look for the person. After the person is found, just need to bring her to rendezvous with Bro in the warehouse! Bro will try to settle her quickly with the relic!

The auntie’s voice can be heard from outside the warehouse: “Elsa, did you drop this?”

“No, Madam Tabbia.”

“Anbelle, did you drop this?”

“Hehe, no, but I can help Madam Tabbia look for the owner.”

“No need, I want to look for the owner personally. If I can’t find the owner, it will be mine, wahahaha!”

“Madam Tabbia…You…”

“What about me?”

“You really don’t have moral integrity!”

“Nonsense, can’t you see I’m looking for the owner, I still have half of my moral integrity!”

Wahahaha, the nun’s voice is really nice. It is practically an angel. Serbia, what is your name now? Come, let uncle dote on you!

Not long after, the auntie’s voice can be heard: “Ah? Not anyone’s? Then, I can only come and look again tomorrow.”

Needless to say, not found. Aish, can only wait for now. Bro still has 8 days of in-game time. The auntie said the monastery does not have any man, and doing odd jobs like transporting are normally done by young and low ranking nuns in shifts, so the chance of encountering Serbia is quite high.

The sound of horse carriage can be heard from outside the warehouse. The noise gradually stops. The auntie has left. Da Fei begins to think of how to escape after the search is successfully already. This is the hardest part. Looking at the current first proposal, the best is to start a fire in the warehouse, and then Serbia who has become Bro’s Hero will pretend to draw water to extinguish the fire, and then take the chance to escape, hmph hmph!

Female Heroes are rare, female Heroes with special Class are even rarer, and nun is without a doubt a female Hero with a special Class. It is definitely worth the scheming and unscrupulous Bro did to get her. This is the symbol of position and strength! Throughout the entire world, how many are able to be as OP as Bro, to use exceedingly high means, wisdom and Grand Master skill that normal people cannot attain to sneak into the monastery? Bro is fully deserved of a god-rank hero!

While reveling, footsteps echo from outside the warehouse, and it is getting nearer and nearer.

Da Fei cannot help but be startled, there is someone? Nun?

A group of people enter the dark warehouse. Da Fei cannot help but open his eyes wide! Oh fuck! Female——Play——er!

In this world, there is some places where even if men have outstanding capabilities will still not be allowed in, but women can come and go as they like, for example, female toilet, female bathhouse. Bro used exceedingly high means, actually is all for entering a female bathhouse!

——Ah pfft! Da Fei who has understood spurt out a mouthful of blood!

And at this time, this group of female players all with prefix Blood Rose like Blood Rose Holy Spear, Blood Rose Rose[1], Blood Rose Holy Sword sneakily come to the warehouse and begins to form a circle.

Da Fei gets a sudden shock, Blood Rose? Blood Rose Studio? Oh fuck! Isn’t it from the local city, the city and also the nation’s most famous beauty studio! Although the scale is incomparable to Stars or Slaying Dragon etc, its famous is not small too! Isn’t their boss this Blood Rose Rose? It is said that she fought for last year’s Otaku Goddess title with Bro’s dream lover Bu Fei Yan, and then not being able to compare to Stars’ influence and lost?

If it is Blood Rose Studio, that means not any female players is able to enter this monastery, they must have very high standard. Thinking like this, Da Fei’s heart is finally slightly comfortable. Then, what are they doing? Oh fuck, Bro is doing something important, you all don’t hinder Bro!


T/L note 1: These are 2 different rose in the raw. The first is 薇 which is rosa multiflora or baby rose and the 2nd is 玫瑰 which is rosa rugosa or beach rose.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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