Chapter 64 Claire? Serbia

Blood Rose Studio, China’s famous beauties studio. Its legal person is Zhou Qing, game ID: Blood Rose Rose, and its headquarter is situated at Shen Dong City, Emerald Lake Park Road. A non-profit organization. Non-profit organization means she set it up for fun, and has no intention of earning money.

But sometimes, when the more you disregard God of Fortune, the more God of Fortune will come knocking for beauties. Therefore, their studio’s advertisement endorsement income is ridiculously high. Their subsidiary alliance organizations include a few low level money farming studio in Shen Dong City, which is solely responsible for farming gold for the beauties.

Blood Rose Studio’s selling point is very simple——Beauty professional gamers, equal emphasis in idol and strength. Therefore, Blood Rose Studio firmly carry out the masterful beauty path all the way. If there is any regrets, that is the studio does not have any world-class beauty exponent like Stars Guild’s Bu Fei Yan.

She is able to hold down a bunch from the Blood Rose alone, and this is a really infuriating fact.

Hero Genesis went online simultaneously worldwide, so Blood Rose Studio naturally shifted all their business over to the new game at the first timing.

And Blood Rose Studio has a bunch of money farming studios under them providing for them, so they went the high-end path without hesitation. What is high-end? Spells are the real high-end! And high-end spells are without a doubt at the neutral force 7 Cities Alliance Wizard’s Academy, but how to join it is a mystery, so to not waste time, Blood Rose Studio went the nun route.

Clergies are also divided into upper, middle and lower grade. A village’s Father and Church’s priest, bishop are definitely not of the same rank. However, among all the Church’s clergy system, there is a special yet important system, nuns! As for males, it is called ascetic.

Nuns are the most devout believers that worship god with all their body and soul. Mainly chosen from female orphans with no relatives, almost never participating in any charity activities, not appearing in public, leading a prisoner-like life in the eyes of ordinary people, but because of this, they have the time and energy to train. Although limited by talent, their strength may not be the strongest, their comprehensive standards symbolize the Church’s high-end standards without a doubt. And compared to ascetic, as males, they really have too much obstacles that need to be overcame during their training process, so ascetics are really inferior to nuns.

There is 2 types of nuns, lifelong nuns and foster nuns. Only lifelong nuns are able to learn the most high-end divine spells and are the closest to god. Foster nuns are young girls that people that could die any time like sailors or soldiers foster at the church and earn meals by helping out.

From the first day the server opened, Blood Rose Studio focused at Holy Mother Monastery. Lionheart Empire has many Holy Mother Monastery, but Blood Rose Studio only took a fancy to St. Paul Port’s monastery. The main reason is they took a fancy to St. Paul Port’s commercial ability as the Empire’s largest harbor. Blood Rose Studio’s ambition is to monopolize St. Paul Port!

The entire studio is made up of intelligent, bold but careful beauties, and with their collective wisdom and effort, they managed to achieve huge advancement in raiding the monastery. A few executives of the studio have already successfully mixed their way into the monastery, and became its unofficial personnel. Joining the monastery means able to learn the high-end divine spells not recorded on ordinary skill books, and can hire special Hero that ordinary people have difficulty hiring, nuns. Naturally, there is still more secrets waiting for them to discover.

Naturally, the price of becoming unofficial personnel is unable to leave at will, and lead a prisoner life like nuns. To players, this is definitely something quite annoying, but to beauties, it is definitely not a problem.

And 3 days ago, a teammate called Blood Rose Qi Qi discovered a small magic book within the brick interbed. This is not by chance, but inevitable. The job of the entire studio’s members that entered the monastery is to carpet search for trap doors and hidden quests.

God knows which generation, which nun’s secret is exposed in this small book!

——”Desire is born from the bottom of the heart, the result of forcibly suppressing it is the twisting of the heart and walking onto a wrong path. Desire needs to be released in a suitable way!”

All the beauty players of Blood Rose are blushing from the content!

As the leader, Blood Rose Rose does not care about being on any demonic paths, and makes a swift decision: “Develop it with all our might!”

Thus, the entire studio follows the requirement on the small book, going to the warehouse every in-game night, the only place in this monastery where they will not be disturbed to sneakily perform the ritual. Now, the ritual has been carried out for 1 in-game month, which is also 3 days in the real world. In these 3 days, all the beauties really did not get any good rest. In the end, players’ strength are too weak, and performing the ritual really needs time and effort.


And now, their ritual is being seen completely by Da Fei. This feeling is really like peeping on girls showering in the female toilet, very exciting and exhilarating! But Bro’s such crucial operation, and spent so much effort, it definitely cannot have any complications and be destroyed by them. For a while, Da Fei’s heart is very conflicted.

As for going out and greet them? Oh fuck, Bro, as a man, is definitely the target for clearing out in here, right? Don’t be silly! Not to mention, an ordinary player like Bro is nobody in the eyes of someone with tens of thousands of fans like them.

Not long after, a female player standing guard outside comes in to inform them: “They’re here to check the rooms!”

Everyone immediately stops the ritual, moves the miscellaneous items onto the magic formation to cover it up, and then quietly leaves through the door.

Suspicious! Definitely something is up! After they left, Da Fei quietly comes out from his hiding spot, and prepares to move the items to check the magic formation on the ground, but after thinking about it, he decides not to. In the end, this kind of thing must require quest item to work, and Bro cannot understand by looking and cannot get anything out of it. High-end players from big studios have their way of playing, let’s not complicate things.

A new day begins again.

The backyard begins to get busy. A few female laborers begins to enter and leave the warehouse too. Da Fei hides even more carefully in the shadows and not dare to make a single sound.

The sound of carriage can be heard. The auntie is here again.

“Anna, did you drop this?”

“No, I do not own this kind of thing.”

“Salir, did you drop this?”

“No, Madam Tabbia.”

No results again, and the auntie went back again. Da Fei is starting to get a bit anxious. To an uncertain target, his heart is still slightly lacking in confidence. That evening, the female players from Blood Rose come quietly again. From the looks of their experienced movements, it seems like they come every day?

Another in-game day, the auntie still has no results. Although it has been 3 days in the game, it has only been an afternoon in the real world, but Da Fei is already sitting uneasily. At the evening, the beauties come and go again.


The fourth day, the auntie still does not have any results. But the beauty players seems to have great progress, the magic formation they are surrounding bursts out dazzling pink radiance!

The beauties cheer in the darkness: “We’re going to succeed! It will definitely succeed tomorrow night!”

“Very good, everyone go back and quickly replenish mana, and settle it tomorrow night in 1 go!”

Oh fuck! What are you all doing, don’t blow things up and disrupt Bro’s operation. Thinking of high-end players, they must be doing something big, definitely a project worth millions of dollars. While as a Grand Master, he waited until he can go crazy and has no advancement at all, Da Fei’s heart is all kind of twisted, envy, jealous and hate!

The fifth day, the long awaited miracle finally happens!

“Claire, did you drop this?”


The auntie is excited and exhilarated: “Claire? This must be something you dropped, right? Come, come over here, I picked it up here! Come and identify it!”

Entered! The auntie pulls a little pretty blonde nun that is wearing a white nun robe in! The moment the absentminded nun enters, the entire dark warehouse seems to be filled with light, and that golden radiance below her feet shows that she is a Hero!

Found it! Bro finally found it! She is really a Hero! At this very instant, Da Fei almost jumped out from his hiding place out of excitement!

Once entered, the auntie immediately whispers into the still shocked little nun’s ears: “Serbia?”

The small nun nods in astonishment.

Oh yeah! Totally confirmed! Da Fei is filled with tears! A white robe wearing nun, her position is not low! Her strength definitely is not bad! Bro’s waiting for her for a few days and nights like this is really not wasted!

The auntie heaves a sigh of relief, and shoves the clarinet into her hands and whispers: “This is yours, quickly keep it. Now is not the time to talk, come here quietly at night and don’t let anyone realize. Someone important has something important to discuss with you! Don’t be shock no matter who you see or what to discuss, understand?”

The young nun’s eyes glow with eager radiance, and nods heavily.

The auntie snickers: “Okay, hurry up and go work!” After finishing, she laughs and pulls the nun out and shouts: “Everyone, keep up the work!”

Da Fei also heaves a sigh of relief. Judging from her expression just now, maybe she thinks her father is still alive? Then he will be able to avoid the most troublesome step to recruiting Deputy Hero, and straight away snatch her away first! The reason for reminding her not to be shocked, is naturally because he is scared a man suddenly appearing in front of her will cause her to scream loudly or something.

Da Fei cannot wait for night to come!

Oh fuck! What time is she coming at night? That group of female players are doing something stupid at night? Won’t it be bad if they bump into each other?

While Da Fei is being conflicted, the night arrives. And the worst situation finally happened, those damn women from Blood Rose came the minute the sky is dark! They are even earlier than the previous nights!

——Ah pfft! Da Fei spurt out a mouthful of blood! Damn it!


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