Chapter 65 Succubus Instructor

The female players of Blood Rose begins their final ritual excitedly! Da Fei shrinks in the corner with no solution!

Kill them all? If Bro can fight 6 at once, Bro will kill the girls with no hesitation and become Red Name! The problem is not to mention he is unable to kill them, even if he can kill them, he will have stirred up a hornet’s nest too! Appear and persuade them to leave? That will be an idiot! While big guilds and big studios are doing a few millions project, if he dare to show himself and keep talking, not to mention it is a game and he can be killed, even if it is a real person, there is no guarantee he will be silenced too?

What to do? Can only hope they quickly finish and leave quickly. But looking at this formation’s trend of warming up slowly, it seems like it is not something that can be done quickly, right? Encountering is inevitable, then the crux is what reaction will the young nun have when she encounters these sneaky people? Will report and stop their ritual? Or…mistakenly thinks they are the people the auntie arranged?

For a moment, all kinds of “WTF” flies through Da Fei’s mind.

The time passes second by second, and the formation also shines out a redder and redder radiance. All the members of Blood Rose are showing excited and nervous expressions.

And at this time, a petite figure entirely wrapped in black robe appears at the door of the warehouse without a sound.

She is here! Da Fei’s heart tightens.

That petite figure stands at the door for a while, and then quietly enters the warehouse, while the bunch of silly girls from Blood Rose are encircling the formation excitedly, and totally unaware that someone came from behind them! They have members on the lookout outside, so they are totally defenseless. And they do not know, the young nun avoided the members on the lookout so as to not let anyone discover her.

Now, the young nun is standing behind the crowd quietly. The auntie has said it, no matter who she saw, what she saw tonight, do not be shocked.

Da Fei spurts out another mouthful of blood! The scene Bro is most unwilling to see appeared! Blunder! This blunder is really big! The young nun must have thought they are the ones looking for her!

If Blood Rose lies to her and recruits her, won’t Bro suffer a huge loss? It is decided, once the situation loses control, Bro will immediately rush out and tell her: “I’m the one you’re looking for!” Even if Bro messed up and cannot get it, he will not let you all get the bargain!

The formation flashes with red light, and an elusive and bewitching light laughter sounds out from within the formation. Blood Rose Rose exclaims out of excitement: “Keep going! It’s the most crucial time already!”

Hearing this evil laughter, the young nun cannot help but be terrified!

At this time——”Ah!!!” The Blood Rose Holy Spear opposite the young nun finally discovers there is 1 more person in the room!

This shock is not light, and all the members of Blood Rose act like they have seen a ghost: “Ah!!!”

The young nun is also slightly stunned for a while, and then says in a deep voice: “Continue! Or the ritual will fail.”

——Ah pfft! Da Fei’s blood continues spurting! Made a blunder as expected, little girl, do you know what are they doing? Bro do not know what they are doing either!

At this time, everyone is looking at each other and do not know what to do. By this time, they have no way to back down and without thinking too much, the big sis grits her teeth: “Continue!”

Everyone laughs awkwardly at the young nun while continuing sending their mana into the formation. The bewitching laughter from the formation is getting more and more lewd. A pink smoke transpires from the formation, and then continues to gather non-stop.

“No more MP!”

Big sis grits her teeth: “Drink blue pots!”

Everyone quickly takes out big blue pots and drinks it up in one go. This action made Da Fei who is peeping in secret click his tongue. This is the big blue pot worth a few thousands of gold coins which is comparable to the price of an angel. They are not a big studio for nothing to be able to drink blue pots like drinking water!

The smoke gathers into a transparent figure: “Not enough! Too weak! You all actually dare to summon me when you all don’t even have the power to materialize me in this dimension?”

Blood Rose Rose is very shocked: “Could it be it still needs to be materialized?”

The smoke says impatiently: “This is the first time I met such a weak Master, let’s talk again when you all become stronger, goodbye!”

Everyone is shocked!

At this moment, the young nun makes a move: “Wait! Let me help!”

Everyone from Blood Rose nods continuously while at a loss: “Ok! Ok!”

Da Fei is already almost exploding from anger! How much blood does Bro still have to spurt, how much more tears can be shed! This bunch of foolish women, have you all get the situation between you all clear yet?

With the young nun’s help, the red light from the formation gets stronger. The pink smoke once again gathers into a transparent figure, and then gets more and more real and continuously materialize. Finally, a fair women with a plump ass and hot figure appears without wearing anything! And below her ribs is actually a pair of glowing black devil wings, Succubus! Inferno race’s Level 4 unit Succubus!

Wow!!! All the beauties exclaims. And Da Fei almost stares his eyes out! Not right, not an ordinary Succubus, ordinary Succubus’ skin is red ocher in color, how can she be so fair? And she does not have hooves nor tail!

Under the checking of Da Fei’s Grand Master Scouting, this Succubus’s name is actually——Succubus Instructor!

Oh fuck! It is an Instructor!

What is an Instructor! Units Building’s facility set! Units Building like Sea Anemone King is naturally very different, throwing a seed and it is done. But normal Units Building not only requires blueprint to build the training camp, it still needs to recruit Units Instructor! A Units Building without Units Instructor not only has super low productivity, the Units it produced is all the most common form. Any unit that possess the special ability “Training” can be an Instructor. This special ability can randomly appear in any unit, and the chance of appearing is 1 in a thousand. Therefore if a player produce a unit with the Training special ability in a NPC camp or their castle, they will also have earned a lot.

And this unit Succubus is a well-deserved tactical unit to Inferno race, because Succubus has a godly ability——Charm!

Succubus: Attack 6, Defense 6, HP 30, Damage 6-13, Attack Speed 9, Movement Speed 16, Command Point 2, fire resistance 90%, magic resistance 45%, Casting Speed: Instant. Special Ability: Charm, Chain Firing.

Charm: Succubus can charm a tactical position of the enemy on the battlefield, and make it forget itself and unable to fight. Once it is attacked, it will recover it senses. The charm effect is related to the amount of Succubus and Hero’s Magic.

Chain Firing: Succubus is a long range attacking Unit. Her flame attack will splash to the neighboring unit after hitting the target. All the units that are hit by her flames will be inflicted with burn ailment.

To Inferno race, the tactics players commonly used is the iron triangle formation of horse, chicken and dog. Horse is Hell Nightmare, dog is Cerberus, and chicken is Succubus. At the start, Succubus’ instant cast Charm can freeze 1 troop of the opponent, which usually is the long range unit that can pose a threat to Succubus. And the Nightmare and Cerberus will charge. All in all, Inferno’s way of fighting is no matter attack first, or attack later by activating Infernal Gate and summoning reinforcement are all very oppressive.

And as the mid-tier Level 4 unit, Succubus undertakes the exertion of various tactics very well. If there is a weakness, it can only be that its HP and Defense are low.

And now, a naked Succubus Instructor appears in front of the beauties. The beauties are dumbfounded and pale in comparison! All the beauties are thinking of a question, how the nun in the notebook relieve desire by summoning Succubus?

And in the dark corner, Da Fei’s desire is suppressed almost to the point of exploding! Bro even wants women who are wearing clothes, not to mention women with big fair ass who are wearing clothes! The thing is, what to do?

At this time, the Succubus looks around the entire area, and snickers: “Who is my master?”

Blood Rose Rose immediately jumps out: “It’s me, it’s me! I summoned you!”

Oh fuck! Da Fei’s iron teeth is almost spurting blood from gritting! Bro also want to be master!

Succubus shakes her head, and smiles coldly: “You are unworthy. You cannot even reach the most basic value to command me!”

All the girls get a shock: “Need more Command Power? Big Sis’ 140 Command Power is not enough?”

Succubus twitches her mouth: “What i want is base Command Power. Your world’s so-called official position has no effect on me. I’ll not recognize these official positions.”

Blood Rose Rose is shocked: “My base Command Power of 40 is not enough? Are you a BOSS?”

Succubus ignores her, gives the young nun the glad eye, hugs onto her like a big sister and caresses her tiny face while smiling seductively and says in a soft voice: “Are you willing to be my master?”

The young nun shivers. Everyone from Blood Rose Studio is very shocked!

Blood Rose Rose makes a swift decision: “This…Miss Claire, please be her master, we don’t have the conditions to command her!”

Blood Rose Rose’s plan naturally is to let this nun Hero recruit this BOSS-level Unit, and then gather the power of the entire studio to recruit this nun Hero! Kill two birds with one stone!

The young nun hesitates: “But…”

Everyone immediately persuades: “Miss Claire!”

Actually, the young nun mustered great resolution in coming over tonight. No matter what rules violations has appeared, she is prepared for it, thus she grits her teeth and nods: “Ok!”

Succubus snickers: “Hello, my master, Deirdre at your service!”

All the girls quickly claps: “Miss Claire is so terrific!”

And at this time, the member at the lookout outside appears: “The one to check the rooms is here!”

The people from Blood Rose immediately says: “Miss Claire, we’ll see you tomorrow!” And immediately run out of the warehouse after finishing.

The young nun is totally muddled: “Hey! You all——”

Wahahaha! A god-sent chance! Heavens, you really did not abandon Bro! Bro still has tears to be shed!


The young nun gets a shock, and turns her head to look: “Who?”

——”We’ve said it in the morning, don’t be shocked no matter what you see.”

Ah? In the astonished and loss gaze of the young nun, Da Fei in captain’s uniform leisurely walks out from the corner.


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