Chapter 66 Escaping from Monastery

At this time, Da Fei looking tall and mighty in captain uniforms is looking at each other with the shocked Serbia.

Hmph hmph, do you recall of the times when your father went on an expedition? Do you recall the calling of the sea? Do you miss the refreshing sea breeze? Do you miss the tweeting of seagulls? Countless words converges into 2 words: “Bring your Instructor, and follow Bro.”[1]

Serbia shakily takes out the clarinet: “You brought this to me?”

Da Fei nods: “That’s right, do you want to meet your father?” Hmph hmph, if you still think your father is alive, Bro will run away with you first. And then when you ask where your father is, Bro will point at Bro’s ship——This is where your father lived and fought at, go inherit his will, wahahaha! If it really cannot work, Bro will bring you to that Miracle Island or whatever, and bury Uncle Juan’s remains. This will work too.

Serbia shakes her head: “Thank you, after the kingdom announces Father’s death, I became a lifelong nun of the church, and I’ve nothing to do with the earthly world already. Furthermore, the appearance of this flute shows that my father is really dead.”

Da Fei says in shock: “Flute? How is that so?”

Serbia sighs: “This is Father’s Blood Flute, there’s a spirit hawk residing inside it. Under normal circumstances, the flute should be red. Once Father is dead, the spirit hawk will vanish, and the flute will turn into ash grey.”

Da Fei is instantly stunned! So this treasure had this kind of background? Then what uses does this spirit hawk has?

Serbia returns the flute to Da Fei: “Thank you, I don’t need this anymore. Take it to the Elf Kingdom, they should be willing to teach you how to use it. Please inherit my father’s will and use it well.”

——Ah pfft! The lass is persuading Bro to inherit the will instead, do you know what your father’s will is?

Da Fei anxiously says: “Which is to say, you’re going to stay here for your whole life? And become like that Rong…Umina?”

Serbia nods: “Yes.”

You are joking, right? You are only 15! A young lass who goes to the harbor to play every day suddenly is destined to be an old granny, you are not that extreme, right? Are you posing a difficult question to Bro for recruiting Hero?

Da Fei sighs: “Since you already have no connections to the earthly world, why did you come to see me?”

Serbia sighs: “Remembrance, curious.”

In the end, she is still a little girl. So that is how it is! Since the relic does not work, then he can only use the ultimate move! Originally on the island, Bro’s plan is to use this move straight away, just that considering the danger once it is exposed, he dare not use it.

Da Fei takes out the uncle’s sailing log and flips to that page with the bookmark: “Now that it has come to this, I can tell you, it is all a scam! And the one behind the scam, is someone who we cannot look directly at!”

Serbia says in shock: “This is?”

Da Fei sighs: “This is a shocking secret! Once it is publicized, the consequences are unimaginable. You can bury the truth at the bottom of your heart forever, and then live all your life in this monastery. Or leave this place with me, do what you should do, naturally, this requires immense courage!”

At this time, Serbia who is holding her father’s diary is shaking from the shock, and her tears are flowing down continuously!

There is chance! Let Bro console your helpless heart.

Da Fei gently hugs the petite nun, and says with a firm and resolute tone: “I’m Uncle’s student, I’ve inherited his will, but my power is not enough to uphold justice, I need help!”

Serbia twists her head, wipes her tears and snot on Da Fei’s uniform, takes a deep breath and says firmly: “Okay, I’ll help you! We must uphold justice for my father!”

Wahahaha! Succeeded! The Hero in the diary still has to depend on the diary to recruit after all!

Da Fei says excitedly: “Then, join me, be my Deputy Hero!”

Serbia shakes her head: “I’m still not free yet. I must leave here first. Do you have any way to bring me away?”

Da Fei cannot help but be startled! Free? Recruiting Hero has this perquisite? Then again, that time when he recruited Katarina is also after escaping to the sea from Barren Island first, and then recruited her.

So that is how it is, if she can be recruited now, how difficult can that be? Just kill all the way out, even if they both died, Deputy Hero will still be in player’s Deputy Hero space. Player can just revive back in the city, find a Hero altar to revive her, just like reviving pets in the games he played before. In the end, Heroes like them all have their quest scenes, and are not free like those Heroes in the tavern.

But that does not matter, escaping is too easy, Bro has already made plans. Dark moon is a night for killing people, strong winds means a good day to arson. Bro just need to start a fire in this warehouse.

Da Fei blurts out: “Naturally is arson! Escape amidst the chaos!”

Serbia gets a shock, and then shakes her head: “No way! I can’t do this! Running away without permission is already a big mistake, if the fire started cause any damage to anyone, that will be an unpardonable sin. Even if the kingdom doesn’t catch me, god will punish me.”

Da Fei is instantly shocked! Are you trying to add difficulty and create problem for Bro on purpose? Bro having Grand Master Stealth still have to rack his brains, how are you even getting out?

Da Fei says again: “Can we let Auntie Tabbia’s carriage secretly bring us out?”

Serbia frowns: “Hard to say, Umina at the entrance is very strong. And our class needs to take attendance, if I’m not there, something will definitely go wrong.”

Isn’t this causing Bro ball-ache on purpose? Da Fei then place his attention on this naked succubus beside him. This succubus cannot even be brought with 40 Command Power. It is definitely a BOSS, and BOSS’ skill naturally should be OP and useful.

Da Fei then asks the succubus: “What ideas do you have?”

The succubus tilts her head and snorts coldly.

Oh fuck! Ignoring Bro! Just you wait, wait till Bro recruits the young lady, and see how Bro will deal with you!

Serbia shakes her head: “It won’t work, this is a monastery, and there is too many strong nuns. Her skill definitely cannot hoodwink the Umina at the entrance.”

Granny Rong again! Can you stop mentioning Granny Rong! For a moment, Da Fei falls into deep craze. Seems like there really is no way?

Who cares, set fire! As long as fire is set and things are stirred up, you can only be dead set on following Bro since you made such a big mistake. Bro does not believe it will not work!

Ah, not going to work too! Now, she is bringing along a butt naked Succubus! Even if it is setting a fire, such an eye-catching presence like Succubus definitely cannot escape those old grannies’ keen eyes! This Succubus instructor is definitely not something ordinary. What is a high-end studio working for half a day aiming for? If she is to die, it will be a huge loss!

Then again, on careful look from the front, she is actually not butt naked, she is still wearing panties. What is that line again? In the past, it was flipping open panties to look for butt, now, it is flipping open butt to look for panties! Oh yes, it is this kind of panties! And her big tits are even more incredible, with only 2 tapes to cover up the grapes, this is really trying to make men stroke out blood! No wonder those women from Blood Rose have their mouths wide open from shock. This standard is really not something Orientals can reach. Oh fuck, what is Bro sidetracking and thinking of? Anyways, this kind of stunner Bro has to think of ways to preserve no matter what!

Ehm? Blood Rose? Oh fuck! There is a solution already, Blood Rose!

What solution? The solution is to let others think of a solution! Back in the days when Bro was doing multi-line marketing, how did the executives fudge us?

——You all feel you all do not have the ability to do sales, no problem! Your friends, friends’ friends probably have the ability, right? As long as we unite our wills and work for the common interests…

Common interests my ass, the smart can trick the foolish!

Aren’t those noble and cold women from Blood Rose trying to obtain my cutie tomorrow? Haha, same as Bro, this is us having common interests! Bro is having problems moving on, so can only trouble you all.

Da Fei snickers and asks: “Those people just now, how are they doing in the monastery?”

Serbia frowns: “They’ve always performed well, and are trusted by the monastery Mistress, but I don’t know why they’re doing this kind of things tonight.”

Da Fei laughs: “They are partners of justice!” Trusted by the Mistress is good! No wonder they are high-end studio players, good, Bro also trusts you all.


Shen Dong City, Emerald Lake Park, a beautiful jade in the city among all the tall buildings. The night just arrives and the lights just lit up. Colorful lights are reflected on the lake’s surface, and emits blurry buildings’ silhouettes. On the sides of Emerald Lake Road are beautiful lights and filled with New Year’s atmosphere. The citizens are coming out in groups to admire the night scenery.

Among the group of tea house, antique shops and bird shops beside the Emerald Lake Road, a cafe filled with glass walls in the courtyard is brightly lit.

This is where Blood Rose Studio is located, this is also really a cafe, but the walls are shut and not open to outsiders.

At this time, the Japanese-style moe maids in the cafe are busily serving tea an dinner to the beauty players on the second floor’s machine room.

In the second floor’s spacious and luxury machine rooms’ hall, Big Sis Zhou Qing with long hair and wearing a red tight leather clothing, skirt and warm stockings is walking around excitedly and giving out orders: “Xiao Qi, hurry up and check what building requirements Succubus barrack has!”

“I’m still eating!”

“Why are you still eating! Such a small egg tart, just swallow it in a mouth, you’re still pecking on it? Are you a mouse?”

“Big Sis! Pay attention to your lady image!”

“Lady is meant for stinky men to see, I’ll give you 20 seconds!”

“Xiao Yue, check which class this Claire is, what she likes, what she plays, and what she eats!”

“Shu Fen, have you thought of the settling down problem of the Succubus?”

“Big Sis, we can only place her in the warehouse! Once she goes out, she will die!”

“This is a problem, no matter what, we have to find a way to transfer this Succubus away!”

“Big Sis! Stop talking, it’s daybreak and time to do morning exercise! Everyone hurry up and go to your places.”

“Ok! Everyone in place! The mission now is everyone think of any possible way to recruit this Claire!”

“Big Sis! She’s here, she came to look for me!”

Zhou Qing is elated: “Steady now! Definitely have to hold it steady!”


T/L note 1: Yup, that is more than 2 words even in the raw.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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