Chapter 67 Power of Large Studio

After Da Fei briefs Serbia on the plans, Serbia left while it is still dark, just leaving the naked Succubus and Da Fei hiding alone in the room together.

“Don’t touch me!” The Succubus pushes away Da Fei’s groping hands impatiently.

Hey, still pretending to be decent! Anyways sweetheart has already given the order for you to hide at the corner with Bro, even if you are a BOSS, you still have to follow obediently. Wait till Bro recruits sweetheart, you will also be Bro’s, wahahaha!

Da Fei pulls her to sit on him with nothing to fear, and snickers cheaply: “Be obedient! It’s small here, don’t move around! Or we’ll be discovered by those outside!”

The Succubus groans tenderly: “Men, are just like this!”

Wahahaha, this is more like Succubus! That is right, men are all like this! If you know, do not pretend to be decent anymore. Since we are free anyways, let me see how deep this Succubus is!

Da Fei blows air towards her ear while laughing cheaply: “Baby, what skill do you have?”

The Succubus turns her head and winks: “Do you want to know?”

Haha, awesome! Da Fei nods continuously: “Want to know!”

The Succubus laughs even more coquettish: “That is going to be hell~~”

Wahaha! Hell! Sweetheart already given the orders, you cannot attack me, the so-called hell is just making Bro die from exhaustion of vigor, right? Come, man versus machine, Bro wants to fight with you till dawn! Let Bro experience your hell!

Da Fei says excitedly: “I just want to see hell!”

The Succubus pants tenderly: “Then you have to hug me tightly, and not let go, okay!”

Da Fei nods repeatedly and laughs greedily: “Baby, how can I bear to let go? Show me all you got!”

The Succubus snickers, and her whole body is emitting faint red light. And then, her figure begins to blur and distorts. After the red light dispersed, a nun in black robe and black headpiece appears in Da Fei’s embrace.

Da Fei gets a shock: “Transformation spell!”

That nun says in a hoarse voice: “Yes!” And then turns her head around!

Wait! This voice, this figure and this feel are not right! Da Fei’s heart immediately feels not good.

The nun turns her body around while seated and grins: “Hug me tightly!”

Granny Rong!!! At this instant, Da Fei’s breathing stops! Da Fei’s time freezes! Da Fei’s world begins to crumble! Bottomless abyss begins to open its door wide to Da Fei!

“Granny Rong” hugs Da Fei’s neck and laughs sharply: “What are you in a daze for?”

——Ah pfft! Da Fei splashes her face with a mouthful of blood! Hurriedly pushes her away, yet unexpectedly her strength is not small and is hugging Da Fei’s neck tightly and not letting go!

“Ah ya! Lord is so naughty, touching my breasts!”

Another mouthful of blood, Da Fei does not dare to push her already, and shouts hurriedly: “Okay! Okay! I know your skill already, quickly change back!”

“Granny Rong” cuddles even tighter, and says slightly with a hoarse voice and tender panting: “Cannot change back already! Have to wait for a long period of time!”

“Don’t~~~let go!!!” Da Fei struggles with all his might!

“Granny Rong” protests coquettishly: “Be obedient! It’s small here, don’t move around! Or we’ll be discovered by those outside!”

——Ah pfft……

In Blood Rose studio, everyone is busying around.

Big Sis Zhou Qing holding onto a cup of invigorating espresso is high to the max: “Xiao Yue! Have you found it, just exactly what quest can let nun go out legitimately?”

Xiao Yue says without thinking: “There’s 5 quests in the monastery that can let nuns go out legitimately, appeasing and healing disaster victims in disaster regions, festivals related to gods, nobles’ wedding and funeral invitation, burial of large amount of soldiers’ remains, and fundraising in the name of gods. Currently, the schedule that fits the requirement the most is the mass 2 months later. By then, most of the nuns will be mobilized, and sneaking out then will be very easy.”

Zhou Qing grits her teeth: “No, every day the Succubus stays here means the danger of being exposed every day, then let’s set fire!”

Xiao Yue says again: “Big Sis, don’t be rash, there is also a special event. This monastery of ours’ vineyard is the industry specially supplying Marquis Wimbledon’s Goddess Winery with grapes. And Marquis Wimbledon is a pervert. He is obsessed with grapes nourished with the monastery’s nuns’…fertilizers. He firmly believes the grapes plucked by young nuns’ hands are the most sacred and pure grapes, and he will invite young and beautiful nuns in the name of fundraising with a hefty price  when his winery start work to get into the wine troughs naked and juice the grapes while sweating profusely, and give it the fine-sounding name of Goddess’ Blessing Day. At that time, many important figures in the city will be invited by him to the winery to watch it live. The original grape juice that was juiced out will be reserved at the spot with a high price by the bigwigs, and at the same time, those bigwigs will also donate generously to the monastery’s fundraising one after another…”

“Wow! Too perverted!” All the beauties of the studio exclaim!

Qi Qi smiles: “Might as well, we also strip naked and go sell wine!”

Xiao Yue stares: “Are you a virgin? Are you sacred and pure? Did just wash it clean after shitting just now?”

Qi Qi says angrily from the humiliation: “You…You’re the one who is virgin, you’re the one who has shitted!”

All the girls laugh loudly: “Not washing it cleanly sells well!”

Zhou Qing waves her hand: “Stop fooling around! Stop fooling around! And then? What do you mean?”

Xiao Yue giggles: “As long as we send someone to destroy all the grapes in the winery’s cellar, that perverted marquis must start work all over again. Then he must immediately come to our monastery to ask for grapes. At that time, all the young girls will be able to leave!”

Zhou Qing is startled: “Smash winery’s cellar?”

Xiao Yue nods: “That’s right, it’s at least better than burning the monastery! If burning of the monastery is to be found out, we’ll all be kicked out and the risks are too large.”

Zhou Qing nods: “What does everyone think?”

All the girls laugh loudly: “Could it be Big Sis is going to make that Chief Scorpio a sucker again?”

Zhou Qing snorts coldly: “Aren’t these subsidiary studios like them supported by us, asking them to mobilize is their honor.”

Xiao Yue snorts coldly: “That’s right, as long as we just post on the net, god knows how many studios will come licking, not to mention smashing a winery, even if it is the palace, they will have to smash it too!”

All the girls laugh loudly.

Zhou Qing claps: “Okay, it’s decided, we’ll do our part first. Xiao Yue, getting the quest to leave will be up to you. Shu Fen, your group will go to the vineyard to buy up the grapes; Mei Ling, you all will put all the empty barrels at the backyard of the warehouse. Qi Qi, when we leave, your group will be in charge of distracting that old granny guarding the entrance! An Hong, contact the teammates outside to arrange a rendezvous point near the winery. All in all, this concerns whether we can recruit a Hero or not, and whether we can preserve the Succubus instructor or not, everyone must give their all, and finish this quickly!”



The night is over, and day is here. It is bustling outside the warehouse. Obviously, Blood Rose is making a big move. What Da Fei does not know is, at the St. Paul City at this time, there is a professional gamer team making a bigger move.

Several hundred players assault a NPC winery one after another, forcefully destroying without any regard for the NPC guards’ obstruction, and then being detained by NPC guards as a whole. The motive behind their actions is puzzling.

As the big Boss of Blood-stained Dragon Spear Studio, Scorpio Constraint is very depressed. You are asking what am I doing? I also do not know what I am doing? Tell them, there is godly equipment in the winery! Lest they all think I am an idiot, damn! I am just an idiot! It is New Year, and all the members have to be locked up for 5, 6 days, what else can we do!

Under the precise operations of large team, the escape plan is carried out step by step.

And Da Fei does not have to worry about all of this anymore. At this time, Da Fei is enjoying all the happiness of hell with a beauty in his embrace. Da Fei feels like 1000 years, even 10,000 years have passed! Da Fei feels like he has went through countless of reincarnation. Why is life so long?

Da Fei has enlightened! The scariest part about Succubus is not turning into beauties to send men’s souls flying to extreme happiness, but turning into Grannies to send men’s souls flying to hell! Since he is enlightened, then form is emptiness, emptiness is form[1], an Succubus is granny. Granny is Succubus! Even Zhuge Liang[2] has an ugly wife, so what if Bro hugs a granny?

So as an exponent, a professional player, only raising his state is not enough in his long life, he still has to explore some realistic problems to make preparations for future developments. For example, this transformation of Succubus, is transforming NPC, is Succubus’ espionage Skill. That means Succubus can go through teleportation circle, and greatly avoid the problem of units unable to go through teleportation circle. Then he can bring her onto his ship. Or else, transporting units from St. Paul Harbor to Erowlin will take at least 3 days in the real world, and his Epic quest will be gone by then.

And then the problem of Succubus barrack, Infernal’s trait is Legion Dimension transportation, and this is also the basis on which Infernal can sweep through all the worlds. Which is to say, Infernal’s barracks does not require territory nor population at all (having territory and population is naturally better), and the barrack is just a teleportation portal. As long as the barrack is fixed, one will be able to summon the respective Units, and the Units’ productivity is totally dependent on the Instructor’s summoning ability.

Since it is like this, can he build a Succubus barrack on his ship? Ship is a moving territory! If Bro’s ship can recruit Succubus, then wont’t these operations have higher chance? But the Succubus has said, the biggest problem of building summoning circle on ship is that the ship is moving, which causes the coordinates to be uncertain. This is quite troublesome, this problem requires deeper research and discussing with the Succubus.

The night arrives.

In the darkness, light footsteps resound, Granny Rong immediately loosen her hands and turns her head to greet: “Master!”

My sweetheart, you finally came! At this very instant, it seems like a ray of sunlight shone into the darkest, lowest level of hell. Da Fei’s tears flow out, Bro still has tears to be shed!

Serbia says lightly: “There’s no one now, go hide into the empty barrel on the carriage outside!”

Da Fei nods with tears: “It’s up to you all now!”

The entire backyard is placed with grape barrels within a day. Some are filled with grapes, while some are empty. Obviously, the motive of Blood Rose is to let them hide in the grape barrel and fudge their way out.

Serbia points at an empty barrel: “The both of you squeeze inside!”

Da Fei says in consternation: “Why do the two of us have to squeeze in 1 barrel!”

Serbia says lightly: “The chance of discovering with this will be 50% lesser!”

——Ah pfft!!!

Granny Rong hugs Da Fei with an enchanting smile: “Lord, let us continue!”

Da Fei nods blankly. Da Fei suddenly feels his state has risen. Mountains are no longer seen as mountains, and water is no longer seen as water.[3]

T/L note 1: A passage from Heart Sutra.

T/L note 2: A historical figure from Three Kingdoms period

T/L note 3: Refers to the 3 state of life: Seeing mountains as mountains, and seeing water as water. 看山是山, 看水是水. Mountains are no longer seen as mountains, and water is no longer seen as water. 看山不是山, 看水不是水. Mountains are still seen as mountains, and water is still seen as water. 看山还是山, 看水还是水.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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