Chapter 68 This Feud is Great

The darkness lasted so long. Da Fei felt himself moving. He is like a star moving gin the endless dark universe, and time and space had all became eternal. Da Fei knows, his state has risen again.

There is a sudden shaking in the darkness, and a ray of light cut through the boundless darkness. A brand new world has finally arrived!

Da Fei stands out from the wine barrel, and welcoming Da Fei is Serbia and dozens of dumbfounded players.

Serbia says excitedly: “We’re out!”

Not a big studio for nothing, just so reliable in doing things. When is a better time to recruit her if not now! Da Fei immediately says: “Follow me!”

Serbia nods with determination: “Okay! Take care of me from now on!”

——System Notification: Congratulations! Epic Hero Claire – Serbia became your Deputy Hero!

Wahahaha! Epic beauty Hero! My sweetheart, Bro’s hard work for so long is all worth it! Da Fei is laughing out loudly with tears in his eyes!

The bunch of players exclaim: “It’s Da Fei! The scammer wanted in the entire server, Da Fei!”

“Heavens! The nun’s name has changed, she is recruited by Da Fei as Deputy Hero already!”

“What’s going on! Why’re you in the barrel!” A female player called Blood Rose An An comes up to question angrily.

Da Fei secretly sighs. It was originally Bro recruiting Bro’s Hero, you all recruiting your Succubus, everyone doing their own things and have nothing to do with each other, but things are unpredictable. This time, he probably offended their Blood Rose Studio real bad. Since things have come to this, there is also nothing much to say. Either walk their own paths, or hunt Bro back to level 0. Anyways, Bro is already wanted throughout the entire server, no use in worrying already.

Da Fei steps out from the wine barrel while looking around what seems like a workshop’s warehouse to search for an exit. At the same time, the Succubus that is still Granny Rong also steps out from the wine barrel.

Blood Rose An An says furiously: “I’m asking you! Did you heard me!”

Da Fei sighs: “Heard it, I’ve nothing to say, what do want?” Oh fuck, where is the exit?

Blood Rose An An says furiously: “I don’t care what the hell you did, not to mention the Hero, hand over this Succubus!” At this time, the bunch of players begin to surround him.

Da Fei’s eyebrows tighten! Although under normal circumstances, players’ Units can only be deposited at the barrack outside the city and have no way to bring into the city, Succubus after transformation is a special situation, right? Needless to say the situation now, it is definitely unable to come to an agreement, and killing the Unit by force.

Da Fei hurriedly says: “I’m also not that kind of unreasonable person, but you all definitely cannot take her. This is a Succubus Boss, the base Command Power requirement is really high.”

Blood Rose An An is instantly stumped: “You!”

Saw a closed door already! Da Fei snickers: “Anyways, thanks to everyone, if there’s any help needed, Bro will return this favor! Let Bro take this Succubus for now, wait until your levels are higher, Bro’ll return it to you all. Bro is busy now, see you!”

“Stop!” Blood Rose An An shouts angrily: “Who’ll believe the words of a swindler! Surround him, don’t let him leave!”

Oh fuck! You said surround Bro and I have to let you? Bro knows your studio has many people, if thousands of people split into 3 shifts to surround Bro, Bro will have to be imprisoned for life!

Da Fei without hesitation: “Run!”

Blood Rose An An is furious: “Kill the Succubus!”

Da Fei says anxiously: “Hey hey! The consequences of Red Name is very terrifying!”

——System Notification: Warning! Your subordinate is maliciously attacked by player Blood-stained Totem, you can retaliate legitimately!

——System Notification: Warning! Your subordinate is maliciously attacked by player Blood-stained Silver Arrow, you can retaliate legitimately!

Oh fuck!

——System Notification: Your troop Deidre unleashed Great Charm on the enemy!

In that very instant, a red fog engulfs the entire area, and all the players are immobilized!

Da Fei’s eyelids are twitching from shock! A player is one Hero which is equivalent to one army, this all-immobilize of her is AOE charm? No time to think deeper, escaping is more important. It is not Bro being scared, but you guys not worth Bro killing, wahahaha!

Da Fei charges to the door, and suddenly realizes the door cannot be pushed open!

——System Notification: There is obstacle blocking the door!

Oh fuck! They definitely did this for this smuggling operation, right? Isn’t big studios doing things way too reliable? This is completely beating a dog behind closed doors!

Since things have come to this, have to be decisive! While they are immobile, Bro might as well retaliate legitimately! Da Fei waves his hand: “Kill!”

The Succubus snickers, raises her hand, and a fire snake shoots out. The fire snake strikes onto that Red Name players and explodes with a boom. The offense of the fire snake is endless, flying among the players with sparks flying around. For a while, damages of “-35” “-17” “-8” “-4” “-2” “-1” floats out from above players’ heads.

This is Succubus’ special ability Flame Chain Firing, splashing onto the next person after hitting a person, damage halves each time it splashes, until it halves to -1. Succubus’ damage is not high. Its main use is not damage output, but the enemies that were hit by Succubus’ shooting will have additional burning effect, and can induce Infernal Heroes’ Class Skill Hellfire.

——Hellfire: Infernal’s troops have a certain chance to cause an additional 30% flame damage against enemies inflicted with burn effect.

At the same the burn effect increases damage after being attacked by ice-type spells. That is why, with Succubus’ field controlling Charm, and Chain Firing’s burn effect, Succubus is worthy of being the tactical Unit of Infernal. Even if other races gotten Succubus, it will also be very useful.

Such a good Unit, and is even an instructor, and even lingered with Bro for a universe century, will Bro be willing to let go? If you all were to quote a high price of hundreds of thousands, Bro will still consider, but now that things have developed to this state, any negotiations became unable to be trusted, Bro, expresses deep regrets!

At the very same time, the young nun made her move too, a golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Your Deputy Hero Serbia unleashes Master level Light Spell “Power of Toughness”, your troops’ Defense +15!

15 Defense! Master-level Light spell! Master rank healer! Not Bro’s little sweetheart for nothing! Now, Bro has 45 Defense, 100 HP, can you all bite it down?

Da Fei is full of confidence, and charges up while waving his spear.

Another golden light descends from the sky!

——System Notification: Your Deputy Hero Serbia unleashes Master level Light spell “Legitimate Force”, your troops’ Attack +15!

Haha! Wahaha! What is next? Master level healing spell Vitality Regeneration? Bro has healer on my left, granny on my right, Bro has no need to be scared of you all!

Da Fei shouts: “Bro wants to fight ten!”

The battle is without suspense. Under Da Fei’s legitimate retaliation, the Boss-rank Succubus’ continuous bombing, and the young nun’s healing support, dozens of players from Blood Rose, Blood-stained all disappeared into light.

At this time, sounds of items moving and NPC guards’ cursing voices came from outside the warehouse’s door: “Who dares trespass the warehouse! You’re strictly warned!”

This feud, is big! Da Fei sighs deeply, and walks to the door: “I admit! I want bail!”


At Blood Rose Studio, all the members are silent. Big Sis Zhou Qing are talking on the phone with Blood-stained Dragon Spear Studio’s boss.

“Sister Zhou, can you explain what is going on? 200 members of our studio are squatting in NPC’s prison, what is it for, is it to let this Da Fei hire a Hero, and recruit Succubus?”

Zhou Qing is shaking from anger: “Big Boss Scorpio, you don’t need to say anymore, just pretend you’re giving your members New Year vacation. We’ll just compensate your losses!”

“Hehe, what’re you saying, Sister Zhou, one word from Sister Zhou, we can go through fire and water and when did we ever frown. It’s just that regarding things tonight, we’re really…Anyways, with Sister Zhou’s words now, we brothers can have a good New Year already.”

Zhou Qing says coldly: “Go through fire and water, is it? Then, Big Boss Scorpio, how do you say we deal with this Da Fei?”

“Haha, what Sister Zhou wants is just nothing more than killing him until he is level 0. As long as we brothers are released, we’ll not farm gold coins anymore, and focus on getting revenge for Sister Zhou!”

Zhou Qing bitterly hangs up the phone: “Okay okay, just talking about gold coins all day long!”

At this time, An Hong lowers her head: “Big Sis, sorry…I didn’t handle it well.”

Zhou Qing sighs deeply: “No need to say anything now, contact that Blood Sea Studio!”


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