Chapter 69 Back to Erowlin

When Da Fei is bailed out of the police station, he instantly feels immensely relaxed.

The sky is so blue, the wind is so refreshing, and the smiling faces of the people are so amiable. This is the joy of success, this is the achievement of reward, and this is freedom!

Now, Da Fei finally has the chance to check the young nun’s status.

Claire – Serbia: Serbia is born in a single-parent mariner’s family. Her father always brings fun products from various places every time he went out to sea. Serbia also looks forward to being able to set out to sea with her father, but the kingdom’s ban made ordinary women unable to go out to sea. Thus, the young she decided to be an extraordinary woman. She sold the presents her father brought for her to sign up at the church to learn basic divine spells, and showed very high talent. Year 150, Serbia’s father undertook a highly dangerous exploration mission, and sent the 10 years old Serbia to the monastery for fostering. At the monastery, Serbia puts in even more effort into learning divine spells, and became the top of the young nuns, and has hope in contending for being the next Holy Maiden.

Personality: Quiet, virtuous, upright and inflexible

Loyalty: 90

Level: 20

Specialty: Hymn of Sea. The effect of Light magic used by Hero on Sea will increase with Hero’s Level, every Level Hero has increases the effect by 1%. This effect is applied after skill buffs.

Hero Class: Master Nun. Increases Light Magic by 25%, decreases troops’ damage received by 25%, increases troops’ HP by 15%.

Class Specialty: Nonperishable Light. Causes the Dark Magic used by enemy to have 25%-50% chance of failing.

Command Power: 120

Attack: 0

Defense: 0 (Character Defense 5)

Magic: 10

Knowledge: 20

Damage: 4-5

HP: 60

Attack Speed: 10

Movement Speed: 10

Equipment: White Nun Robe (Character Defense +5, Magic +5 while using Light Magic)

Hero Skill: Master Light Magic (Sub-Skill: Blessing Master, Wrath Master, Protection Master, Refine Magic, Glimmer Dawn)

Class Skill: Master Nun (Sub-Skill: Blessing Ritual, God’s Calling, Sacred Body, Suppress Darkness, Nonperishable Light)


This is Serbia’s stats! This specialty definitely is a navy battle priest custom-made for Bro! Not a daughter of mariner for nothing! No, not Priest, it is the special Hero Class Nun! Nun has 1 attribute more than Priest and Knight, all units +15% HP! This is almost like having 15% more units for nothing, it is really not a special Hero Class for nothing! There really is hidden Hero Class in the game!

And among the 5 Class Skills of Nun, other than the Blessing Ritual buffing of all units and Sacred Body immunizing Hero from disease are general Skills Knights and Priests have, there are another 3 skills unheard of!

Suppress Darkness: When the enemy uses Dark Magic, the mana consumed is increases by more than 2 times.

Nonperishable Light: Causes the Dark Magic used by enemy to have 25%-50% chance of failing.

God’s Calling: Gathering believers under God’s name, raises Nun’s basic Command Power by 100.

These are Nun’s Skills! As a Hero related to Epic quest, her Suppress Darkness and Nonperishable Light are definitely specially meant to be used against the Undead Lord, Makarl. As for God’s Calling, it is equivalent to Nun being a 2nd Lieutenant from the start! No wonder she can command boss-level unit!

The PK just now has already displayed the Succubus’ strength, and now he can finally see her status.

——Deidre: Small-size leader Devil creature.

Attack: 17

Defense: 13

Damage: 17-31

HP: 271

Attack Speed: 11

Casting Speed: Instant

Command Point: 80

Special Ability: Flying Creature, Charm Master, Chain Firing, Transformation, Succubus Training Master

80 Command Point requirement! Not a boss for nothing! If it is only basic Command Point, then it is really not something non-Infernal players can bring!

And it is really a flying creature! Oh my fuck! Ordinary Succubus unit’s wings are hen’s wings, just for decorations! Boss is indeed a Boss! Although Bro has already killed hundreds of Boss, this Succubus can only be considered a trash among Boss be it in Attack, Defense, HP or Damage, it even cannot be compared to a normal level 6 unit. But this Flying special ability gives her some additional points!

Having a Flying special ability can almost mean being difficult to kill on the battlefield. For example Angel, during open beta, many rookies said it was too expensive. 1 Angel can buy 3 level 6 unit Knight and an Angel cannot defeat 3 Knights no matter what so Angel’s cost effectiveness is below Knight! It is true that an Angel cannot defeat 3 Knights on the ground head-on but 3 Angels can thrash 9 Knights unharmed! Pros can use precise unit control to bring out the advantage of the Flying special ability! Similarly, in the hands of pros, Human’s level 4 unit Griffin can also be used superbly. As for Vampires, it is needless to say anymore. Flying special ability is the dividing line that tests pros and noobs playing standards.

Now that it even has Flying, the legendary signature of Succubus, Transformation is needless to say, it is full of tears if talked about! As for the one in a thousand Training Master, it is even more needless to say! If not for this special ability, will Bro as a professional player have to fall out with a big studio?

Tsk! So be it, one is bound to offend someone if he goes out. Not offending people is having no standpoint. The more one does not want to offend people, the more easily one will get do in by others. Anyways, Bro accept it.

Here is those big studios’ territory now, so they should not be willing. What if they organized tens or hundreds of people to crazily charge out and kill Bro’s Succubus on the street, it will be troublesome. He is not scared of being killed, but scared of reverting to her original form after being attacked. If she were to revert back, the Succubus will no longer be a NPC but turned back into a normal unit, and will be deposited at the barrack outside the city by NPC by force. Ordinary units cannot go through teleportation circle, and Transformation obviously has very long cool-down time, won’t that delay the important boarding of ship?

Thus, the urgent issue now is to bring Serbia to Elf Kingdom Erowlin through teleportation. After all, Bro is a honorary citizen there. The security guaranteed is different.

Fortunately, the big studio is not as crazy as Da Fei imagined. After Da Fei picked up Katarina at the restaurant on the way, the group successfully return to Erowlin.

Not even a day in real world, and Da Fei already has one more female Hero. For a while, the group of merchant players are surprised, commenting among themselves and pointing fingers. Wahahaha, envious, jealous and hateful, right? Keep scolding? Why not continue? The boss only gave you all a day of pay? This really feels like returning to hometown with glory.

Go to the dock and see how the renovations of Bro’s ship is going on.

Dock’s pier. The large Flying is dragged out of the water, and framed on the dock’s chute. Hundreds of workers are busying on the surrounding scaffolding, and the entire ship is coated with a layer of green paint.

Hey hey! Why is it coated with this color of paint? Bro does not want green![1]

Da Fei is anxious, and hurriedly finds a person giving commands that looks like the foreman and asks: “Can you change a paint color! I don’t want green, I want white! Black also works too.”

That Elf foreman bows: “Oh, it’s Mr. Captain Da Fei. Sir may not know. This is not paint, but a vitality gum we fill in for rotten wood, and it is very expensive. Its use is equivalent to conduit within plants. Simply put, this ship of Sir temporarily possesses functions similar to living plants, and can have the effect of absorbing life energy all-around, do Sir understand?

Da Fei finally understood why: “So that’s what it is! Everyone really given a lot of care!”

Foreman shakes his head: “It’s because this ship has the value to put in so much care, do Sir believe ships also have life?”

Your Elves’ rules, all plants have intellect, right! Da Fei giggles: “Believe, after all, this is a ship that was blessed and then cursed. Things without life cannot be blessed or cursed.”

Foreman nods gratifyingly: “It’s really good that Sir can think like this. This ship is cursed, and it’s crying. Please treat it well, and in time, it will also surprise Sir.”

Da Fei says in surprise: “The surprise refers to?”

Foreman says respectfully: “Naturally is it can grow like life form, and have Skill like life form!”

Da Fei stares his eyes out! Oh fuck, which is to say the ship can level up, and has Skills too?

At this time, a guard runs over: “Mr. Da Fei, Lord Mayor has urgent matters to see you about, Sir, be sure to follow me. Sir, if you may!”

Urgent matters? It is not the day to set off yet, right? But might as well, Bro coincidentally has matters to look for him, for example, this flute of Uncle, and for example, building a Succubus barrack on the ship, wahahaha!

(Note: Serbia’s Light Magic sub-skills introduction.

Blessing Master: Gives magic “Extraordinary Herculean Strength” and “Magic Purification” party form, increases mana consumption by multiple times at the same time.

Wrath Master: Gives magic “Legitimate Force” and “Rapid Action” party form. Increases mana consumption by multiple times at the same time.

Protection Master: Gives magic “Power of Toughness” and “Deflect Missiles” party form. Increases mana consumption by multiple times at the same time.

Glimmer Dawn: Increases the effect of Light spells and Darkness spells Hero cast by 5%

Refine Magic: Decreases Hero and Hero’s magic troops’ mana consumption when releasing spells by 20%)


T/L note 1: Being made a cuckold is also called given a green hat to wear in Chinese.


Feel free to point out typos and mistakes.

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