Chapter 70 Nation War Quest: Assault on Abyss Blood Pool

Erowlin City Town Hall. Mayor Othoriman is pacing back and forth, being very anxious yet excited.

“Lord Mayor, Mr. Da Fei is already brought here.”

Othoriman is elated: “Mr. Da Fei, you finally appeared! It’s really good that you came!”

Da Fei giggles: “If Lord Mayor has anything, just say it.”

Othoriman nods and says with a solemn expression: “There’s changes! Our purification operation this time alerted a certain mysterious recluse, and that recluse sold a subterranean world’s map marked with the location of Abyss Blood Pool at the black market and then went missing.”

Da Fei is stunned: “What is the Abyss Blood Pool?”

Othoriman says seriously: “Blood-type Devil lifeforms’ Brood, legend has it that it’s a sea of blood sealed in an alternate dimension below the abyss, and ebbs and flows with the Devil’s Moon. When the sea of blood’s tide rises, countless Devil’s eggs will be washed up the shore of the sea of blood, and then young Blood-type Devils will break out of its shells under the moonlight. These little devils will kill and devour each other to strengthen itself. And after they grow up, they will grow wings and fly out of the abyss and walk towards Devil Realm. This is the pool of life for Blood-type Devils, so the Devil God placed strong barrier there, and strong creatures cannot enter, but——”

Othoriman all of a sudden says with an excited expression: “But Sir just so happens to be able to enter! That Blood Pool is not that far from the Pool of Radiance, it is estimated to be the reason for the Pool of Radiance to be polluted and destroyed by Devils! It’s reachable just by using a couple of teleportation. Looking at the map, Sir’s ship can first reach this location of the Pool of Radiance——”

Pointing at the edge of a large patch of white color sea while talking: “As long as you reached this location, you’ll be able to use teleportation to transfer the entire ship to here, and then Sir drive your ship to here to transfer to here, and then——”

Looking at his hand flying around the map he does not quite understand, Da Fei is totally clueless, where do Bro get the teleportation from? High tech provided by you all, is it? The key is——

Da Fei coughs to interrupt: “Ehm, Lord Mayor, why do I have to go there?”

Othoriman laughs loudly: “Mr. Da Fei, you’re the elite we have chosen out of the tens of thousands of young heroes. Once you’ve entered this blood sea dimension, kill as much Devil Broods in the sea of blood as possible. That’s ravaging the flowers of the Devil race, nipping off Devil race’s future, and decreasing the population of the Devil race. That’ll be peerless contribution made towards the World Tree, the Elf Kingdom and the entire Hero Continent’s peace and justice! Your achievements will be recorded into the annals, and the rewards and status you will obtain will be beyond imaginations! Can Sir not be tempted?”

Da Fei is startled: “Which is to say, I’ve new quest again?”

Othoriman nods: “That’s right! Currently, Kingdom’s general staff department is working through day and night analyzing the credibility of this recluse’s map. Currently from the these days’ progress, this matches the leads we gathered all these years, explained some problems we encountered these years, so its reliability is above 50%! If it has such high reliability, it’s sufficient to conduct a military adventure! So Mr. Da Fei can charge towards this Abyss Blood Pool after purifying the Pool of Radiance, it’s mostly some newborn Devils there, if you can purify Pool of Radiance, you definitely can defeat them!”

Not reliable much? How can a normal Epic Quest suddenly have a new situation pop up? Epic Quest’s sub-quest? Oh my fuck, Bro just want to repair a ship. Just forget about you all fudging Bro to do an Epic Quest just so you all can don’t provide the wood, and now you still have the nerve to give a sub-quest? Sub-quest can be not done in principle.

Da Fei coughs: “Ehm, can I not go? I already feel the pressure purifying the Pool of Radiance.”

Othoriman pats on Da Fei’s shoulder, says sincerely and earnestly: “Mr. Da Fei, if I can be 500 years young, I’ll definitely go. But even if I’m really 500 years younger, I’ll still not be able to go, because I don’t have the capability, but Mr. Da Fei is different. You’re so excellent, do you have any reason not to go?”

He really does not have any reason not to go, since high-end players have no reason to reject high-end quest. But old man, do you understand what Bro means? Increasing quantity without increasing price, how do you not feel bad to let players do something like this?

Da Fei sighs: “Lord Mayor, I’ve my difficulties! Can you help me settle it?” Look at Makarl, the quest has not started, and he already gave ballista and military rank straight away. You cannot have your magnanimity become small just because your official post is small, right? Or else, you will never be a high rank official.

Mayor coughs: “Whatever difficulties Sir have, feel free to voice it out. If it’s within my abilities, I’ll definitely think of a way.”

Da Fei takes out the clarinet and giggles: “I want to know what uses does this treasure has. I also want to build a Succubus Barrack on the ship, and I also want a beauty Deputy Hero!” I will not make things difficult for you by asking for things like an entire set of divine equipment, so you have to settle these 3 little requests.

Mayor’s eyelids twitch, receives the flute to see, and marvels: “This is our Elf Kingdom’s national treasure! Only the most excellent voyager recognized by Elves can obtain this gift from the Kingdom!” And then excitedly pats Da Fei’s shoulder and laughs loudly: “Mr. Da Fei, you can even get this kind of treasure, this quest is meant for no one other than you, and sure to succeed. Mortals already cannot stop you, and Devils also cannot stop you already! What’re you hesitating for? The chance to make great achievements is at your fingertips!”

It is this awesome? Da Fei’s heart is tempted: “How treasure is it?”

Mayor laughs loudly: “This is our kingdom’s renowned national treasure Blood Hawk’s Flute, using the master’s bloodline as conduct to provide for a spirit hawk that can share its vision with you, and lets your Scouting skill’s upper limit +1. Mr. Da Fei’s skill is Grand Master now. With it, you can temporary increase to God-level Scouting! God-level Skill! This is a realm us mediocre people cannot even imagine in our lifetime. Mr. Da Fei is no doubt the Hero we chosen from tens of thousands!”

God-level Scouting!

Katarina cannot help but marvels with a wow too: “So it’s a national treasure, no wonder I cannot recognize it no matter what!”

Da Fei only remembers the meaning of that line “I finally can enter the realm of god-level” in Uncle Juan’s diary now! So that is not reaching for what is beyond one’s grasp, that is really a meteoric rise!

Bro, being a Grand Master, taking down a small Epic Quest is no doubt nothing difficult at all. Now that he is already a godly master, making great achievements is really at his fingertips!

Da Fei laughs loudly: “Lord Mayor, please definitely help me settle this, I’ll accept this quest!”

Mayor laughs loudly: “Good! You’re not the hero we’ve chosen for nothing!”

——System Notification: You accepted the Nation War Faction Quest <Assault on Abyss Blood Pool>!

——Beginner Tip: Abyss Blood Pool is the kindergarten of Devils, and under Devil Gods’ barrier protection, the strong cannot enter and cannot give protection at the same time. Your assault on Abyss Blood Pool will cause serious threat to Devil race’s foundation, so Devil race will definitely response with full might. And Devil race possesses the ability to cross over multiple dimensional planes, so your attack on 1 plane’s Devils might lead to reinforcements from Devils of other planes.

Da Fei’s jaws drop onto the ground! Nation war’s faction quest! No way, it really was just like what Makarl said! So the meaning of other planes’ Devils is Devils from other servers, Bro is going to have it all out with Devil race players from North America, EU, India, Russia, Korea and Japan!


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