024 Bewildering

After getting 3 ‘Dimensional Anchor’ scrolls, Carl very deliberately tries to show a calm expression, but numerous years of waiting and hoping, now that he finally see the ray of hope, it is not that easy to suppress his emotions. He absentmindedly chats with Liang Li Dong for a while, and then hurriedly bids farewell.Read More »


023 Mayor’s Invisible Pretense……

In the game, situations like Joan’s did not happen, Liang Li Dong also does not understand why, but he guesses it could be related to his soul turning into gold color. He remembers when he contracted familiar back in the game, the soul fragment separated out is blue in color, but when he contracted Joan the day before yesterday, the separated soul fragment is gold in color, because he needed to contract familiar then, he did not take it to heart, thinking back now, there seems to be something to this.Read More »

021 Main Character-like Treatment

Note: I’ve changed Warlock to Sorcerer and Magical Pet to Familiar so as to fit D&D terms.

Barbara’s reaction made Liang Li Dong feel strange, contracting familiar is not any special technique,  at least when Liang Li Dong was playing the game, be it players or NPC, almost all spellcasters have a familiar, suitable or not, strong or not is another thing. Could it this world and the game world is similar but not the same, there are many ingenious differences?Read More »

020 Female Spellcaster Comes Knocking

By the time the duo and bird are back to the village, the sun has already set. The remnant glow of twilight paints the whole village in amber color. The thatch house outside the village is completed already. The children are all gone but this is nothing strange, after all, the things the children of farmers need to be is plenty. They have to help with household chores and farm work. Taking time out to help Liang Li Dong build the thatch house means they respect this teacher very much already.Read More »

019 Situation is Gradually Deviating from Expectation

Kyle always thought that Liang Li Dong is the kind of people that lacks the strength to truss a chicken, after all in ordinary people’s understanding, although spellcasters possess very strong magic power, their bodies are relatively frail and are the type that will start panting after running a few more steps. However, he never expected Liang Li Dong to be so fast once he bursts out, he is at least faster than children that grew up in mountain villages like him.Read More »

018 Looking for a Suitable Familiar

Although the children from the village does not have much knowledge and does not understand any great logic, their independent working capabilities are very strong. More than 20 children working together, distributing the work, a batch digging the foundation at the spot, even if it is building a thatch house, a basic foundation is still required or the built thatch house cannot be used for more than a few days. A few girls go and pick straw and branches, another older batch, children with some strength, prepares to carry the tools to cut some bigger solid wood to be used as foothold for the thatch house.Read More »