Chapter 45 Deriving Grand Master Scouting

Facing this crocodile that is bulky and slowly pushing sand forward like a bulldozer, Da Fei’s second shot fires with a boom! “-247!” “-159!!!”Read More »


Translation changes

I changed the name of the BOSS Blood Sea met previously in Chapter 8 to Ghost Mage because of what happened in chapter 11 that made me check Heroes of Might and Magic wiki which tells me it should be Ghost since Spectre is its upgrade form. Nihil Body is also changed to Incorporeal Body since I want to follow the terms in the actual game as much as possible.


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Regarding honorifics

So i made a poll to see how you guys want the honorifics to be. For now, I’m doing translated honorifics in front even though it seems odd in some situation but i’m coming across situations where there is a need to differentiate.



The first 3 chapters is out so fast is because i already translated like 2.75 chapters before i started publishing it. This is a 1-man site but i will try to keep the translation to at least 1 per week. The reason i did this is because i think the first few chapters is kinda dry and boring since it is all about the setting of the novel and the MC. The story will start unfold from chapter 4. It WILL get more interesting later. The MC is kinda Shiroe from Log Horizon as you can see from the first few chapters, his character is not meant for combat but support with his scroll making skill and all. So if any of you who likes Log Horizon like me MAY like this novel too.

For now this site is a free site but i’m thinking of upgrading this account and monetizing it so i hope the readers can whitelist the site at their adblock.