God Rank Hero 神级英雄


God Rank Hero 神级英雄
Book Source: http://book.qidian.com/info/2936801
Hero is a sacred existence who is powerful himself and the troops he lead will grow stronger with the hero.
“Hero Genesis”, a world-class online game jointly published by America, China, EU, Russia, India, Japan and Korea that combines fantasy, adventure, war, trade, territory construction, seafaring, competition, leisure into one. Players from all over the world is crazy for it, top professional gamers from all countries shine on the stage of country war.
Da Fei, a normal amateur game lover, saw the unlimited business potential and begins professional gamer life. Life of showing off begins from being awesome, life of awesomeness begins from grabbing every chance with full force. Glossary I made
Volume 1
Chapter 1 God Rank Hero Chapter 2 Choosing of Fate Chapter 3 2 Men’s Deserted Island
Chapter 4 Sailing Master’s Relic Chapter 5 Learning Scouting Chapter 6 Blood Sea Studio
Chapter 7 Stealth Sailing Chapter 8 2 Men’s Boss Encounter Chapter 9 Toxic Sea Anemone King
Chapter 10 Pro is Trained from Solo-ing Boss Chapter 11 Shipwreck, Bro is Back Chapter 12 Self-Evolving Shipwreck Boss
Chapter 13 Shipwreck’s Cargo Hold Chapter 14 Gun Deck’s Ballista Chapter 15 Ballista Bombarding Zombies
Chapter 16 Learning War Machines Chapter 17 Phantom Ballista in the Sailing Diary Chapter 18 Encounter 6 Boss
Chapter 19 Blood Sea Mad Waves’ Surpries Attack Chapter 20 Skill Book in Seafarer’s Room Chapter 21 Skeleton Captain
Chapter 22 Hero’s Legion Chapter 23 Planting Sea Anemone King’s Seed Chapter 24 Unit Building: Sea Anemone Nest
Chapter 25 Completing Trial Quest Chapter 26 Trial’s Reward Chapter 27 The Price to Leave Deserted Island
Chapter 28 Drifting after the Storm Chapter 29 Slaying Dragon Guild Chapter 30 Epic Quest Guide
Chapter 31 Huge Tuna Chapter 32 Da Fei and Sea Chapter 33 Staging Jaws This Time
Chapter 34 China Server’s First Epic Deputy Hero Chapter 35 Pirates This Time Chapter 36 Hidden Hero Sub-Class: Voyager
Chapter 37 Da Fei and “Brother-in-law” Chapter 38 Bro is Not Going to be a Pirate Chapter 39 Beautiful Pirate Hero
Chapter 40 Katarina, Legend Hero? Chapter 41 Scroll of Changing Hero’s Destiny Chapter 42 Katarina’s Trial Quest
Chapter 43 Corpse Heap Bait Chapter 44 Discovering Large Crocodile’s Weakness Chapter 45 Deriving Grand Master Scouting
Chapter 46 Bro is a Grand Master Chapter 47 Savage Pirates’ Admiration Fame Chapter 48 Seeing Rainbow after the Storm
Chapter 49 Really is a Cultured Female Pirate Chapter 50 Converting Inborn Specialty Chapter 51 Beginning of Great Sea Merchant Career
Chapter 52 Who is Looting Who? Chapter 53 The First Capital-Less Deal Chapter 54 Assassin or Porter?
Chapter 55 Deceiving the Whole Server Chapter 56 Clearing Red Name Chapter 57 Contributing Tuna Eggs
Chapter 58 Pool of Radiance that can Revive Old Ship Chapter 59 Searching for Serbia Chapter 60 Meeting with Makarl Successfully
Chapter 61 Makarl’s Scheme Chapter 62 Plan for Sneaking into Monastery Chapter 63 Chance Encounter with Blood Rose Studio
Chapter 64 Claire? Serbia Chapter 65 Succubus Instructor Chapter 66 Escaping from Monastery
Chapter 67 Power of Large Studio Chapter 68 This Hatred is Great Chapter 69 Back to Erowlin
Chapter 70 攻打深渊血池 Chapter 71 纠结无比的女妖兵营 Chapter 72 传奇英雄传承
Chapter 73 修复血鹰之笛的条件 Chapter 74 出征在即 Chapter 75 王国来的向导
Chapter 76 飞翔号开赴征程 Chapter 77 进入光芒之池 Chapter 78 屠龙公会的困境
Chapter 79 首战的得失 Chapter 80 纠结的花妖和女妖 Chapter 81 训练女妖斥候
Chapter 82 神级侦察术 Chapter 83 哥现在是事业玩家 Chapter 84 特种兵训练术
Chapter 85 结界外的恶魔营地 Chapter 86 地狱营地攻略 Chapter 87 山寨迷踪潜航术
Chapter 88 Chapter 89 Chapter 90
Volume 2
Chapter 175 Chapter 176 Chapter 177
Volume 3
Chapter 346 Chapter 347 Chapter 348
Volume 4
Chapter 591 Chapter 592 Chapter 593
Volume 5
Chapter 812 Chapter 813 Chapter 814
Volume 6
Chapter 1000 Chapter 1001 Chapter 1002
Volume 7
Chapter 1301 Chapter 1302 Chapter 1303
Volume 8
Chapter 1546 Chapter 1547 Chapter 1548
Volume 9
Chapter 1900 Chapter 1901 Chapter 1902

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